Welcome to Living Word Ministry (PCG)

“Affecting and Quickening Lives through the Spirit of God” - John 6:63



The Prayer Ministry is one of the most important ministries in the church.  The main aim of this ministry is to help members enhance their daily prayer lifestyle in these modern times where it becomes difficult for most Christians to pray and meditate on the word of God.  Their activities include organising prayer meetings within the church to help pray and intercede for members, Christians, nations and the rest.

Outreach and Visitation

The Outreach and Visitation Ministry is a very vital and central ministry within the church.  A church growth depends on the vibrancy and effectiveness of the Outreach and Visitation Ministry.  The ministry exists to carry out the following:

  1. To reach out to people beyond the four walls of the church and to witness Jesus Christ to them by sharing tracts, leaflets or flyers and also by personal evangelism.
  2. To reach out to new members by telephone calls and home visits.
  3. To reach out to members who are sick and hospitalised.
  4. To reach out to members who have not been punctual to Church.


The aim of this ministry is to unite all men in the church and help them unveil their hidden talents which have been given to them from God. Through the organization of seminars and other social functions the ministry helps its members to become vessels of honour for the church, the family and an effective role model in the entire community.


In Living Word we believe that every lady has been created by God for a purpose.  We hope to bring all ladies together to help support one another to grow in our personal relationship with God.  We organize various activities like breakfast meetings, prayer meetings, bible studies, seminars and family fun days to fellowship together and also identify practical ways to use our God given abilities to serve Him and one another.


This ministry is an integral ministry within the church. Without the youth there will never be a future for us. We therefore recognize the central role this ministry plays in the church and we seek to accord to them all the necessary help they might need to function effectively.


We cherish and respect this ministry so much since our future as a church and a nation as a whole depend solely on them. If we shall have a vibrant youth to become a vibrant men and women in our church and society, it all depends on the foundation of the children ministry. We therefore respect and invest our time, efforts and resources into this ministry to help it function effectively.


This ministry involves the logistics and refreshment department as well as looking after visitors to the church which includes guest preachers.

Ushering Ministry

This ministry is very important in the church. They usually represent the church to whoever walks through the doors of the church into our services. The ushering ministry involves looking after the arrangement of the service, maintaining order, minimizing obstructions as possible, looking after members and visitors to make sure they are comfortable and offering help with regards to directions etc.

Music Ministry

This is ministry is in charge of all aspect of our music which includes, praise and worship, the choir, instrumentals etc. Their involvement in the ministry is of great importance since they always bring us before the presence of God.


This ministry handles all our welfare issues.